Saturday, July 19, 2014

just sayin'

I'm too lazy to correct my own grammar.
I do that for a living. I think I am allowed to make few mistakes once in a while.

first buffet out

Had buka puasa buffet at seri keningau resto, plaza masalam just now. food is pretty good. good wholesome melayu food i must say. i may not be the biggest fan of buffets but sekali sekala okaylah.

you might want to check out 'air akuarium' there. it's a concoction of daun pudina, asam boi, timun, nata de coco, laici.longan, pineapple and lemon. don't let the ingredients fool you because it's pretty sweet. me like!

on another note, i am growing tired of work. hence i am tired too of current affairs and choose to remain silent over the current tragedies that has befallen our dear country and gaza. let the keyboard warriors be warriors, let the shallow artis2 malaysia do their thang, go on please, do bicker. 

another observation: 
It's amazing how tragedies bring out the worst ustaz and ustazah in everyone.


i can barely open my eyes now. long day tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This post has nothing to do with the baju above. Spotted it in Ampang Park over the weekend. Would love to see someone wear it uols!

Today I was added to a former high school's whatsapp group. I was reluctant at first, mainly because:
  • I only went to the all-gurls-mostly-rich-kids school when I was in Form 1 to Form 2. Back then I was the chubby kid, often mistaken as pengkid because of my super short hair;
  • I had one bestfriend, who was equally middle-class like me and we've kept in touch until now;
  • The group admin turns out to be friends with my SIL (small world, she came over to my MIL's house last year and recognized me immediately).
I didn't want to be rude and leave the group (because some of them remembered me) so I only said a polite hello, remember me greeting and kept quiet since. I know all of us have changed since. I have the slightest interest in getting to know them better now perhaps I've always been the type who would make friends - place complete trust in them - become fiercely loyal to friends - heart gets broken when friends betray me - sort of person.

I'll probably stay in the group for the sake of I don't know, in case I can get useful tips from them or something. *shrugs*

So how many whatsapp groups do you guys belong to? Here's mine:
  • The Paydays: with colleagues that I often hang-out with. We try to do dinner on a monthly basis (weekly basis is a bit too costly for us lol)
  • The Kinky Forum: me and 3 other close besties from uni
  • The Band BENdits: friends from uni - the go-to group for cooking/medical advices!
  • We are ONE: my k-pop buddies!
  • Ad veritatem: the aforementioned high school group
  • Hommies: a group of 5 ex-colleagues (same industry)
  • Minions: a group of super close colleagues
  • Mama: a group of me and my siblings
  • NYC: a group of me, the hubs & SILs
  • EUB team: almost defunct team of my universal banking days
  • Lunch groupie: lunch gossip folks
That's it I suppose. 2-3 groups are no longer active I might as well exit the group or something.

And I wonder why my battery runs out of juice like crazy...

Monday, July 14, 2014

cooking anxiety

Oh man, my sister and her family are coming over for buka this Sunday and I'm getting nervous! I'm not very good at cooking for more than 4 people and I don't have enough cookingwares for any makan-makan session. My sister said she will bring one dish (well at least that's what I heard she said) and to quote her: "as long as ada nasi pun cukup". Hehe.

So here's what I have in mind for Sunday:

1.    Ikan masin goreng (sudah sedia ada dalam freezer)

2.    Karipap goreng (sudah sedia ada dalam freezer)

3.    Sambal hijau meletop (will google, I swear I saw it somewhere)

4.    Fried chicken (or else my nephew won't eat anything)

5.    Telur bistik that I made the other day

6.    Some sotong recipe I saw


Other than that I'm not even sure I get to do everything in time or not….. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


 "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

(I'm sorry I lost track of the 52 Project!)

Emre: Budak semput. Hope he'll feel better soon.
Rumi: Addicted to High-5. Aren't all kids? But my kid makes me video him dancing to High-5 every.single.night. -_-

Saturday, July 12, 2014

jalan tar

We braved Jalan TAR today (yes alongwith millions of others looking for cheap bargains).
But who am I kidding, Jalan TAR is MADNESS.
Masuk Sogo, oh don't even get me started. We ended buying the kids' stuff at Uniqlo because it was the only space in Sogo where I can actually breathe and not lose my kids. :/

My bestfriend wanted kain telekung so bought one for her after dodging all those colorful/neon kain telekung(s). No offense but I don't want to spend my quiet time with God looking like a My Little Pony. I'm just old-fashioned that way, hmmkay.

That is all for today. Heading out again for the best chicken chop in Ampang. Whoever can guess where it is will get a free book  from me. Contest ends on Tuesday! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

that 7pm drama

Future plan:
Write a novel with a ridiculous plot. In BM.
Get the novel turned into a 7pm drama for tv3.

Still can't get over how ridiculous the Mr. Arrogant drama was. ;p
The current one showing with nadia aqilah constantly contemplating how to ruin her sister's life (eh sister ke?) is bearable but seriously 2 super rich brothers falling for a plain Jane is enough to make me pull my hair. I'm sorry but this shit doesn't happen in real life, sista. 

and it's amazing how these characters keep bumping into each other in town. Excuse me I thought KL is huge but the protagonist bumping into her cinta hati everywhere is borderline mengarut.

Ahh, the power of 7pm dramas!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

itz a miracle!

​Just when I thought my right foot is a gone case, this week after urutan power yang percuma from my husband, I had lesser pain. In fact, it's minimal pain now as we speak and I am no longer limping! This means I can save money from seeing the physiotherapist and hopefully by August I'll be fine and dandy again. Yezzuh!


Part-time job at the office. Taking OOTD shots for my colleague. Heh.